What are the properties of Wild Black Cherry in supplements?

The properties of Wild Black Cherry

The supplements containing Wild Black Cherry

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Wild Black Cherry (Prunus Serotina)

TBS Ingredient ID (TBSI ID):
Prunus SerotinaRosaceae
NameCommon Names
Prunus SerotinaBlack Cherry, Bird Cherry, Rum Cherry, Wild Cherry Bark, Wild Cherry Bark Powder, Wild Black Cherry
Native Americans used black cherry as a medicinal herb to treat coughs. The bark from the black cherry tree was often made into a tea or syrup and used to expel worms, heal ulcers and treat burns. They also used it as a remedy for sore throat, pneumonia and lack of appetite. Black Cherry bark contains a glycoside called prunasin. This substance quells spasms in the smooth muscles of the bronchioles, thus reducing the cough reflex.
Parts Used Medicinally:Bark
Black Cherry Is Native To North America