What are the properties of Soya Bean in supplements?

The properties of Soya Bean

The supplements containing Soya Bean

Bentolit drink mixBentolit drink mix

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Bentolit drink mix contains Soya Bean.
Bentolit - Instant slimming with a drink with volcanic clay. The urban environment is definitely not people-friendly. Store food contains artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers and colourants. Living in a big city means dealing with air contaminated with gasoline vapors. Bad habits (smoking and...

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Soya Bean (Glycine Max)

TBS Ingredient ID (TBSI ID):
Glycine MaxFabaceae
NameCommon Names
Glycine MaxSoya-bean Lecithin, Soya Bean, Soybean
Latin NameEMA
Lecithinum Ex SoyaLecithinum Ex Soya
Parts Used Medicinally:Bean, Oil, Seed

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