What are the properties of Chlorophyll in supplements?

The Supplements with ChlorophyllThe Supplements with Chlorophyll

The properties of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is registered as a food additive (colorant), and its E number is E140. Chlorophyll (also chlorophyl) is any of several related green pigments found in the mesosomes of cyanobacteria, as well as in the chloroplasts of algae and plants.

Chlorophyll benefits:

  • the plant pigment that heals + detoxes better than all others.
  • Helps fight cancer. Chlorophyll and liquid chlorophyllin can bind to potential carcinogens and interfere with how they’re absorbed within the human gastrointestinal track.
  • Improves liver detoxification. It increases phase II biotransformation enzymes. These promote optimal liver health and therefore the body’s natural elimination of potentially harmful toxins.
  • Speeds up wound healing. Chlorophyllin seems to slow the rate at which harmful bacteria reproduce, making it beneficial for wound healing and preventing infections.
  • Improves digestion and weight control. Another way that chlorophyll improves detoxification is by speeding up waste elimination, balancing fluid levels and reducing cases of constipation.
  • Protects skin. Chlorophyll’s antiviral effects make it a strong skin protector.

The supplements containing Chlorophyll

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