What are the properties of Bamboo Stem in supplements?

The Supplements with Bamboo StemThe Supplements with Bamboo Stem

The properties of Bamboo Stem

Bamboo stems abound in ingredients highly valuable for hair and skin. Apart from silica, found in the best absorbed natural form, they also contain amino acids, minerals, saccharides, proteins, and vitamins. Bamboo Stem a source of perfectly absorbable silica, without which hair and nails become brittle, fragile and susceptible to destruction.

The supplements containing Bamboo Stem

Hair FormulaHair Formula

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Hair Formula contains Bamboo Stem.
Cheers Hair Formula contains a unique composition of ingredients necessary to maintain great hair condition. Phosphatidic acid promotes hair epithelial cell growth.

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Bamboo Stem (Bambusa)

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BambusaBamboo Stem